Get Koha ILS!

Koha is an open source fully featured integrated library system, highly configurable and scalable to meet the needs of libraries of all types and sizes. Koha provides a simple and clear interface for library users to perform tasks enables library staff to capture details of all library items, fully automated borrowing and item management and assists librarians with both acquisitions and budget management.

We at Digiarc help you implement configure and modify Koha as per your requirement.

Why Koha?

  • Full featured modern integrated library software (ILS)
  • Open source - Cost Savings
  • OS Independent
  • Customisable
  • Supports all major standards and MARC flavours
  • User Friendly
  • Web based Interface
  • Full catalogue, circulation, acquisitions, library stock management
  • Flexible and scalable platform
  • Serial management module
  • Print your barcode
  • Export and import records

What we do in Koha?


Koha is full featured ILS which can include acquisition, serials, members, circulation, cataloguing, reports, and tools. We at Digiarc capture your requirement and help you implement ILS as per your requirement.


Once the installation is completed and the system is working at its best, our expert will provide on demand training to the library management staff. They train to manage Koha for searching, cataloguing, web based interface etc.

Data migration

Our experts will help you, migrate data from your existing Library system to Koha. In order to understand the data you have sent us, we do data profiling. We identify if any abnormalities available in the provided data and accordingly migration process strategy are planned to move data into Koha.


Quality support is the most important focus of our company. Digiarc has well trained engineers who understand your problems and provide solutions. Our support team have experience in implementation, installation, development, data migration and Koha Support.

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